Get Paid When Your Files Are Downloaded

Today on the gpt blog I would like to talk about earning cash from uploading files. I shared this method on the gpt forum. I have a forum where I upload shares and I was looking for a way to monetize these shares. Besides using a method I shared earlier on getting paid for shortening your links I’ve been using a service called Hotfile for monetizing the downloads. When a file I share is downloaded I get up to $15 for 1000 downloads. It may seem like it would be time consuming to get 1000 downloads, but it’s actually pretty easy.

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I found out I’ve actually had an account since 2009 and when I logged into it for the first time in a few years I found I had gotten 1108 downloads just from uploading two PSP games. I found I could easily make tons of money using this on my forum which I upload to every day. If you would like to make money with way I encourage you to sign up today and post on either my forum, Urban Warez Forum, or other download sharing forums.

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